Supply Chain, Logistics & Warehouse Consultancy

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Supply chain management is not just logistics, it is a wide and varied requirement that includes procurement, supply and demand planning, forecasting, network design and inventory control.
Due both to the cross-functional nature and breadth of activities required, supply chains can be hugely complex. With this complexity comes risk; from risk associated with upstream service disruption to the risks that fluctuating demand downstream can create.
The number of variables to deal with, and constraints, even in relatively short supply chains can make it’s management a very difficult task that requires detailed planning. Our consultants are experts in their fields and can support your business with both planning and delivering improvements.

The number of variables and constraints in any logistics network makes planning a challenging task. Transport operations are especially complex, with constraints on delivery times, vehicles types and product compatibility, as well as customer facing issues. Logistics typically represents a large proportion of business operating expenditure and consequently optimisation of logistics networks can leverage significant savings.

Warehouses are, by their very nature, a supply chain inefficiency. A warehouse is a decoupling point in the supply chain where material flow stops, and when that material flow stops, then non-value costs start to accrue. Our team are here to ensure non-value costs are minimised and material flow is optimised.